Noticings: My Thoughts, Reflections, and Meditations2023-12-05T17:18:36+00:00

Noticings: My Thoughts, Reflections, and Meditations

I’ve been a seeker throughout my entire life. I didn’t necessarily know why but I knew I was seeking the light—because I was afraid of the dark—both inside and outside of me. For many years the hope of finding the light sustained me, keeping the darkness at bay. Until one day the dark could no longer be denied. Internal Family Systems Theory, a therapeutic model, has helped me find a way to navigate my inner landscape with less fear and greater ease. What I have come to find within myself is that even in the darkest of places there is also great light. Both now companion me on my healing journey. I hope my reflections offer support to you, as you move toward reclaiming your own deepest wisdom.

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