What I am noticing is how scared I am to put this out there, to put myself out there. And yet I’m so scared NOT to. It is both an arduous process and a delightful relief!

Arms out Wide

Breaking thru to the other side — break on thru to the other side —
it’s a leap;
it’s about popping out of one’s familiar bag.
it’s about crossing that borderline.
It takes all our wits;
it takes all of mine to stretch my arms out wide,
lift body off the surface of the known,
to move from hollow to full,
from singular identity to connection with the all-ness of life —
not always reaching there,
but trusting the landing into the abyss of bliss.
No one knows what to expect,
yet it is, in fact, all known,
and familiar
and Home.

(from 4/2018)


It is hard to open arms out wide! It is even scary to imagine taking that leap. Yet it is in the attempts to move from a sense of isolation to the truth of being connected to the all-ness of life that makes this ride so wonderful!

Step by step, moment by moment, my heart opens up as I move closer to Home.

Just notice what you notice…