Approved IFS Clinical Consultant

I have been trained in the IFS model of therapy beginning in 2006 and have completed both Level 1 and 2. Since 2010 I have been a Program Assistant many times, both in the U.S. and Internationally, for Lead Trainers teaching the IFS model. I am both a Certified IFS Therapist, and also an Approved IFS Clinical Consultant. Currently I supervise other therapists and practitioners, who are training in the Internal Family Systems Model of therapy, to deepen into their clinical roles more fully as they seek certification through the IFS Institute.

I offer 1 hour sessions for individuals with whom I work, and 90 minutes sessions for group participants.

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Alison was a Program Assistant for my Level 1 International IFS training, who I then asked to supervise me as she is a Certified IFS Consultant. I chose her as my supervisor as she has a lovely energy about her and is incredibly skilled when it comes to the IFS model. As our therapeutic relationship has progressed, she has helped me massively with my own internal work as well. The progress I’ve made in my personal and professional life has been incredible and I have Alison to thank. It’s amazing that so much can be achieved over zoom, thank you Alison!

—Participant, International Supervisee

I sought out Alison to be my Certified Clinical Consultant as I was seeking to deepen my experience and practice of the nuances of the IFS model, with an intention to pursue the IFSI Certification process.

Alison’s warmth, encouragement, wisdom, expertise and clarity alongside her openheartedness to the spirituality of both the therapeutic work and the spirituality of relationships has been an invaluable support to my practice and professional development.

—Supervisee and Spiritual Healer

Alison is an incredible supervisor. Her skill at helping me process what I was seeing in clients and guiding me towards ways I could provide better presence and questions was always spot on. In addition, her care and questions helped me learn about my own parts and how they were showing up in such an amazing way. I did quite a bit of healing of my own as I also learned about how to help others – her style was the perfect mix of personal and professional. Through working with her I gained confidence and felt truly seen and heard.

—IFS Supervisee