It is an act of profound courage and faith in oneself to enter into therapy.

As an experienced psychotherapist in Cambridge, MA, I work with a diverse adult population providing individual therapy, couples therapy, and support group therapy. I have been trained in a number of psychotherapeutic modalities and, over the past 10 years, have largely focused my work with clients on the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of therapy. This is an easily applicable model to all therapeutic relationships that effectively addresses the wide range of emotional and behavioral issues that people face.

Through the process of self-discovery, clients can heal feelings of depression, anxiety, grief, fear and other difficult emotions to actualize their fullest potential and choose open-hearted connection with Self and others.

In a warm, authentic and comfortable space, I help clients bring attention, intension and presence to the issues or concerns that brought them into psychotherapy so that they can achieve their goals and find greater personal balance.

Your journey to well-being is uniquely your own. I am here to help you on that journey.



Internal Family Systems Theory is a psychological model that incorporates the spiritual, physical, and emotional world of the client into the active process of therapy. It is a direct, and highly effective model that can be applied to a wide range of client issues, from anxiety and depression to addictions, grief, loss and trauma. IFS is a gentle and empowering therapeutic model that offers a path to healing from the inside out — by guiding clients to a state of inner clarity and compassion. Clarity is achieved when clients bring their focus inward in a mindful way to hear their own inner dialogue.  When this happens, clients can notice many different things; thoughts, feelings, body sensations and memories which they can get curious about. Building a relationship with this inner dialogue, with ‘parts’ that hold those feelings and experiences, enables them to heal those old wounds for significant change in their outer life.

Developed over the past three decades by Dr. Richard C. Schwartz, PhD, “IFS combines an understanding of the inner life of the psyche with knowledge about interpersonal relationships.  This unique and insightful model is an internationally recognized therapeutic model that has revolutionized a number of related disciplines: individual and marriage counseling, couples and family counseling, life coaching and treatment for trauma and chronic pain.” (Dr. Richard Schwartz)

I use IFS almost exclusively in my private psychotherapy practice with individuals, couples and in support groups. Through IFS, I help my clients find the language and tools to identify, acknowledge and heal inner traumas that have plagued them from their past. This therapeutic model offers clients the ability to reclaim their inner strengths, attain their desired goals for health and well-being and achieve greater personal balance for a more peaceful and passionate life.

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