Individual Therapy

Self-discovery will change your life.

When individuals reach out to me seeking therapy, they often come because they are suffering under, or are challenged by, personal difficulties triggered by life circumstances. These stressors frequently elicit anxiety, depression, fear or grief that can activate old childhood wounds — wounds that remain unhealed and which can impede healthy daily functioning. It is not easy to face some of the emotions associated with these deep-seated issues. That is why I believe it is an act of profound courage, and faith in oneself, to enter into the therapy process!

As an experienced psychotherapist, I listen to my clients’ stories, collaborate with them on a plan for relief of symptoms, and help them help themselves move forward to achieve greater personal balance. I invite them to delve into the mind/body/spirit connection to heal those wounds from the past while also encouraging them to trust their own ‘deepest knowing.’  This process helps my clients improve the connection between Self and others.

I use proven psychotherapeutic modalities to aid clients in building on their inherent strengths for increased health and well-being. For the past 17 years I have favored the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of therapy to support my clients healing process. This model, developed by Dr. Richard C. Schwartz, PhD, forty years ago, provides the language and, most importantly, the tools to help my clients identify, acknowledge, and heal inner traumas that have plagued them.  Counseling offers the ability to find inner resources for more self-leadership and self-care.

My work with Alison dates back to 2000 when I was searching for help to deal with anxiety and the end of a fourteen year relationship.  Through our work and using the Internal Family Systems model, I have been able to discover my authentic self and affirm my non-binary gender status. Alison has an open heart as well as an open mind and always listens without judgement. She is a compassionate, understanding and patient psychotherapist, able to help the individual on their path to self-discovery.

—Individual Client

Alison is a highly skilled and effective therapist. She is a compassionate guide to the inner life; an encouraging supporter for integrating new insights into daily life; and a warm, caring companion along the way. As a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist (and trainer), Alison has helped me resolve and even heal my most difficult inner challenges and be more peaceful and fulfilled in my life. She has my highest recommendation.

—Individual Client