Support Groups

I have been organizing and running support groups for many years and find it to be a liberating and empowering model of therapy for participants.

Why Join a Support Group?

Gathering with other people who are facing similar issues or concerns can be profound when group members share their experiences together. Often telling “our personal story” to others provides a sense of belonging which, in turn, reduces the feeling of isolation, loneliness or shame.

What to Expect 

My groups always start with brief check-ins from each member. Often, what emerges is a common theme amongst the stories told and feelings expressed. The group can then decide to focus on this issue or concern or upon another topic. Then a deepening takes place.

Benefits of Support Groups

They are a place to learn effective and helpful coping strategies, build growth through being a part of a group, experience greater self-care while members also care for each other, and help maintain hope in the face of each member’s challenges. This model of support proves beneficial to all. 

Groups Facilitated

  • Lesbians Considering Parenting
  • Mixed HIV/AIDS Status in Gay Male Couples
  • Challenges Facing the “Sandwich Generation”
  • Newly Ordained Clergy: “Moving from Duality to Totality: Integrating Our Personal Journey with Our Spiritual Path.”

It can be difficult for clergy to find therapy that adapts to our faith. I looked for a very long time before I found Alison. Her open-minded approach allows me to rely on the Divine, while still giving me an active role in exploring my inner personal world.

Alison has the unteachable gift that is the hallmark of the very best healers: she meets people where they are and walks alongside, coming up with the helpful response at the right time to provide reassurance in the moment, while also offering encouragement to take the next step. She’s been very respectful of our possible cultural differences, and I’ve never felt anything other than complete acceptance from her. Thank you!

—Clergy Client