Lost and Found

What a tumultuous time we are in right now in the world at large. It is April 2024, and we have just had […]

Lost and Found2024-04-22T15:14:05+00:00

Born Into Being

Planting the sacred seeds that have been nurtured within your heart happens in those quiet moments, and little spaces, in your life. From the deepest […]

Born Into Being2024-02-13T17:04:30+00:00


Excerpt from a Dream


I am trying to put a bunch of segments, or clips from a movie reel, into their proper orientation one segment at […]


Poem: Arms out Wide

What I am noticing is how scared I am to put this out there, to put myself out there. And yet I’m so scared […]

Poem: Arms out Wide2024-02-03T18:17:49+00:00

Poem: The Finite is Infinite

In these most challenging of days where we are awash with so much emotion, it is comforting to know that there is a ‘something greater’ […]

Poem: The Finite is Infinite2024-02-03T18:13:27+00:00
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