You Are Not Alone

What would it be like if we could see ourselves clearly, for perhaps the first time, or to re-discover our authentic Self free from habits or patterns of pain? Learning to turn inward to listen to, acknowledge, and heal those wounded ones buried within the body is the work of psychotherapy. Yet, this work can feel arduous at times.

What I have discovered is that offering my clients the awareness that they are ‘not alone’ as they dive deep into their Shadow Self helps them attend to those parts who are in distress.

The power that comes from knowing that we are, essentially, not alone in this world, brings not only great comfort, but is also life-changing. In this short audio recording I offer a window into a way of re-claiming that sense of greater balance and wholeness in the world.

About eight years ago, I experienced a very sudden and profound spiritual awakening. This initial experience turned my world upside down and ushered me into a new season of life. It was immediately apparent that my old ways of interacting with the world wouldn’t work any longer; I had seen through the illusion of separation, and wasn’t merely the man I thought I was. To help me navigate this new phase of life, I began working with a few prominent meditation teachers, one of whom recommended that I do some sessions with Alison in order to “stabilize” my realization. I can honestly say that it is some of the most important work I’ve ever done. Through her guidance and presence, I’ve been able to access, listen to, and care for the parts of me that most needed my attention and love. I feel more integrated, more at ease, and more confident than I’ve ever felt before, and much of this is thanks to my work with Alison. I highly recommend working with her.

—Brief Treatment Client