Couples Therapy

Couples seek therapy for many different reasons, the most common being difficulty communicating with one another. When communication breaks down more deeply entrenched and painful issues like power struggles, feeling alone or isolated, fear of intimacy or built-up resentments arise. Partners no longer work together toward a common goal of connection, but trigger one another in painful ways that can make each feel vulnerable, scared or shut down. Couples therapy can be very helpful when a couple finds themselves in negative behavior patterns or emotional disconnection.

I help couples understand not only each individual’s part in the relationship dance, but also the complex dynamic of the relationship system. The therapy process is geared toward empowering individuality while also cultivating a deeper relationship as a couple. This process fosters increased trust, safety and communication. Partners learn how to speak to, and listen to, one another with more compassion for a more mutual, grounded and fulfilling relationship.

I work with couples to address a wide range of issues, some of which are:

  • Lack of intimacy
  • LGBT relationship issues
  • Parenting issues/alternative family system issues
  • Multi-generational family issues
  • Trauma/PTSD
  • Grief and loss
  • Safety and boundaries

I provide a gentle and nurturing atmosphere for exploration into, and healing of, emotional discordand help couples learn to bring meaningful attention to their relationship. With warmth, authenticity, and compassion I support couples as they build upon, and deepen, their connection.

It seems, in the course of knitting a marriage or life partnership, you encounter a lot of knots. In our case, most of the knots we managed to loosen and untangle on our own, but there have been two during our relationship that got tighter and more intractable the more we seemed to try.  For those two “mega knots” we engaged Alison for help. She carefully listened to and provided insights, perspective and a compassionate,  “invitation-led” space to safely confront and work through our entanglements.

—Couples Clients